AI in Marketing

4 min readDec 17, 2021


What, Why and How AI in Marketing


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being applied in various marketing spaces, such as digital marketing, content marketing, affiliate marketing, and beyond. But before moving to AI technology in marketing, let’s know something about Artificial Intelligence.

AI is a broad range of computer science, correlated with building smart machines or devices that are capable of accomplishing any task that requires human intelligence. It is the study of intelligent agents: the system that recognizes its environment and takes action to achieve its goal. It covers a huge range of data, information, images, and videos using machine learning techniques. It is the technology that imitates the human mind such as learning, processing, and performing.

What is AI marketing?

Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AI marketing) is the technology used for collecting data, customer insight, predicting customers’ next move, and making accurate decisions that influences marketing efforts. AI is used in marketing for achieving high speed and boosting the returns on investment.

AI technology makes an automated judgment based on observations, data collection, and data analysis of economic tendencies that may influence marketing efforts. It is frequently used in marketing efforts where quickness is essential. It is in communicating with customers to deliver a message or information at the right time, in the right place, and to the right person without the interference of the marketing team crews. Marketers can deeply understand their customer’s needs and demands.

Application of Artificial Intelligence in marketing.

  • Visual searching:

Visual searching can inspect the Internet for further accurate matches and use image data to connect you with what you are looking for. According to the research, 90% of the information that we receive is visual. So, programmers are understandably intrigued to detect if machines or devices can also evaluate images of lines, patterns, shapes, size, and color.

  • Voice search:

It is about utilizing the technology developed by the major players like Apple, Google, and Amazon. Voice search assistants like Siri, Google Assistant and Cortana have earned increased popularity. These technologies detect the voice and react according to the instructions.

  • Smart content curation:

Artificial Intelligence content curation which is also known as smart content curation assesses you to better engage the viewer on your business site by exhibiting the content relevant to them. It is a tremendous technique for businesses such as Netflix where more data has been used for better recommendation of content.

  • Ad targeting:

Machine Learning algorithms will accumulate vast amounts of chronological data to ascertain the ads that perform best on people and in the buying process. Through this, they can deliver productive content at the right time by using the data.

  • Chatbots:

It imitates human intelligence by interpreting consumers’ quizzes and completing orders from them. Facebook has launched the bot engines that give access to you to train bots with conversation and learn frequently by interacting with customers.

  • Re-targeting:

AI technology can be used to establish the content that will target to bring customers back to the site based on previous data. It helps in making an accurate projection model of what contact will work best to achieve the customer back. It will optimize retargeting ads to make them productive and beneficial.

  • Enhanced personalization:

Marketers need to improve their actions now more than ever because customers are now expecting personalization. In this complex time, AI can suggest products to different shoppers based on their narratives, generate targeted ads with enhanced applicability, and recommend content. It can aggregate data and act on it in the way the human brain cannot.

Why is AI Marketing important?

The research shows that 40% of productivity can be boosted by the current AI technology. Marketers can use AI technology to transform their whole marketing programs by dragging the important knowledge from their datasets and acting on them in real-time. This platform helps in making fast decisions on how to operate the marketing works and the customer-related decisions. It helps in increasing better customer relationships by providing the real-time experience.

Some of the importance are mentioned below:

•It facilitates marketers to centralize and evaluate a huge portion of data from various sources such as social media, websites, and email shortly.

•The use of AI marketing solutions helps in eliminating the risk for human error by providing accuracy in the working pattern.

•It helps marketers understand their target audience to create a personalized experience for each of their customers because consumers expect companies to understand their needs and expectations.

•It helps to optimize a digital advertising campaign. AI marketing solutions help marketers to take a step in deeper insight and analysis.

•It allows marketers to interact directly with customers in real-time through online conversation. This directly impacts buyers. It also allows you to join real-time talks with consumers.


AI is used in marketing to enhance the today’s marketplace . The involvement of artificial intelligence is helping to boost the marketing sector without the intervention of the human brain. It mimics the human brain to collect and analyze the data and information needed to make an accurate decision. AI can furthermore be used to help the marketing team more accurately track attributes. It will help to connect the customer and marketers.




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