AI & ML in Healthcare

What are AI and ML?

AI is the engineering of making intelligent machines that behave like human beings. Such intelligence is beyond human capabilities to make better and efficient decisions. AI programmed machines imitate humans to make decisions, predictions, and analytical reasoning. Moreover, AI is referring to the application of computation algorithms to classify, predict, and analyze large datasets for making useful insights.

AI and ML applications in healthcare

The prevalent use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies can assist healthcare providers in patient care, administrative processes, and addressing existing healthcare challenges. They are becoming cornerstones of healthcare domains, and capitalizing robust EMR data, and contributing a wide range of applications.

Some imperative applications of AI and ML and healthcare domains are discussed below:

Automated image analysis


In conclusion, AI and ML healthcare applications are oriented to health data. The collection and usage of such data is prone to many of the ethical concerns such as uninformed data collection, excessive exposure, data breach, algorithm transparency, lack of regulations, governance of AI etc. Thus, it is important for the researchers to focus on corroborated evidence to build trust of the people in health-related AI applications.



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