Augmented Reality and IoT

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How the combination of IoT and augmented reality is strong enough to enable users to learn about their environment and perform accurately


In this 21st Century, we can’t deny that technology has become the most significant part of everyone’s life. From personal to professional space, technology is used in every aspect of daily life performance though it’s major or minor. We can say that technology has reduced the mandatory work by replacing human intelligence with artificial intelligence for good. It has also replaced the traditional working techniques or strategies with the innovation of modern and secure software and applications. Technologies such as Augmented Reality, virtual reality, deep learning, machine learning, internet of things have provided a unique and new experience to the users. Almost every industrial sector is facilitated or benefited from the implementation of these technologies.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is one of the largest technologies that provide a unique experience of a real-world setting to the users which include digital visuals, auditory, images, and sensory bases. This technology provides new and unique experiences to its users through mobile devices. It is an accumulating trend among enterprises involved in mobile computing and business applications. Various companies are adopting AR technology to gain a competitive advantage that will help them to get their potential customers.


Internet of Things (IoT) is a real object which is connected to the Internet or another communication network that uses sensors, software, processing ability, and other technologies. It includes a fitness tracker, smartwatches, sensory gadgets, a thermostat, and so on. It refers to the fastest-growing network to collect data and information in real-time. It is also a technology that collects and transfers data through secure wireless networks and no human interaction is needed.

Augmented Reality and IoT

AR and IoT are the biggest technology which is part of every association in today’s business world. These technologies work best together as it allows users to understand more about their surroundings and try on items visually. IoT tools collect digital data and information from the real world so that it can be evaluated and augmented reality devices catch those digital data and provide it back in the real world so that users can view and act accordingly.

By creating an augmented reality application working on a mobile device and IoT techniques together help professionals in health care, education, construction, retail, and marketing, to perform their duties at a higher level by avoiding possible risk. It facilitates to work with a secure and effective environment for performing tasks. You can make better decisions by having more information in the palms of your hands.

Why is AR and IoT important?

Augmented Reality(AR) and Internet of Things(IoT) technologies are active topics in today’s business world. They both are powerful technologies in the era of modernization. They are developing a new dimension with the capabilities to attach and utilize digital information and data from physical devices. With the use of these technologies, you can benefit your enterprises by modernizing the entire business functions from R&D, customer and employee engagement to manufacturing, production, and field services. They both act brilliantly together because It creates a connection between physical properties and digital infrastructure and AR generates digital to life by interacting with the physical surroundings in real-time. It also reduces the gap between online and offline services by providing the customer with the benefit of both worlds (real and virtual).

Let’s take an example of IKEA, a company which has already used AR technology by enabling customers to visualize how their furniture will look in your homes and how those portions can be customized and placed to fit the décor.

Use of Augmented Reality and IoT in the manufacturing industry?

Augmented Reality and IoT assist the employees and workers in controlling and regulating machinery work, making receptive decisions, and accomplishing tasks accordingly. AR can convert IoT data into a substantial form that provides workers and employees appropriate information and data where they exactly need it. It helps experts to examine or monitor the machines used in the manufacturing environment. It simplifies the complex environment by delivering visualized and accurate data whenever needed. It immediately reveals the malfunction that happens/occurs in the machines. Furthermore, it performs excellently when any kind of maintenance and repair is needed by fixing mistakes with all related information in direct view. They both work hand in hand. Their Potential increases when they are combined.

These technologies enable experts and employees to work collaboratively in any manufacturing method, difficulties, or quality-related issues that are needed to be addressed before delivering to the final consumers.


AR and IoT have created smart spaces and are more interactive. The combination of IoT and augmented reality is strong enough to enable users to learn about their environment and perform accurately. AR technology will potentially strengthen the use of physical IoT devices in the user’s environment and provide a classification for IoT enabled Augmented Reality.

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