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Lets know what and How Ethereum works

Ethereum is a technology to home digital money, global applications, and global payments. It is a decentralized, open-source blockchain with the functionality of a smart contract, and a native cryptocurrency platform that is second to bitcoin in the market. Along with this, it allows anyone to deploy permanent and immutable decentralized applications with which they can interact. It also allows the creation and exchange of NFTs that are non-interchangeable tokens connected to digital items or other real-world items. Meanwhile, it has started implementing a series of upgrades that includes a transition to proof of stakes and increased transaction throughout using sharding. If we talk about the design of Ethereum, then it is a permission less and non-hierarchical network of computers that come to the consensus of growing blocks known as the blockchain.

Positives of Ethereum

As millions of people cannot open bank accounts yet while many of the people have their payments blocked. The decentralized finance system of Ethereum doesn’t discriminate against the people and allows them to send, borrow, and receive funds anywhere in the world using an internet connection. It is not just digital money, but anything can be traded with it using NFTs. The art of tokenization gets royalties automatically every time and its growth possibilities are also growing. The Ethereum services are open by default and users just need a wallet. They are free and easy to set up and controlled without any personal information. Along with this, it is also a new frontier for the development of open-source and transparent applications, and already built functionalities can be re-used by the developers without any need to learn a new language.

Ethereum wallet

Ethereum wallets are the applications that help users to interact with their Ethereum accounts. The wallet is similar to an internet banking application that helps to read account balances, send transactions, and connect with other applications. The wallet is imperative to send funds and manage the Ethereum of the user. It is not only a tool for managing Ethereum accounts but also allows the users to swap wallet providers at any time. Many of the Ethereum wallets allow managing Ethereum accounts from one application. Your wallet allows you to show your account balances, transaction history and gives access to send or receive funds. It is a window into your account that allows swapping wallet providers at any time.

Types of Ethereum wallet

It may include:

1. Web wallet — let the users interact with their account via a web browser

2. Desktop app — to manage funds via an operating system such as Windows, Linux, or macOS.

l,l3. Mobile app — to access funds from anywhere

4. Physical hardware wallet — to keep your cryptocurrency offline but secure


In summary, an Ethereum account is an entity that may has a balance and can do transactions. Meanwhile, Ethereum wallet is the product to let the users manage their account and allow them to view account balance, send transactions, and many more. The wallets also allow the users to generate an account.

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