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What is Metaverse and why it matters?


Technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and blockchain have become a significant portion of almost every sector of organizations including day-to-day activities. They have connected the physical and the virtual worlds that have managed to provide us access to nearly everything we expect at a single touch. Now all of these technologies are part of an evolving metaverse.

What is metaverse?

Metaverse is a simulated digital environment that operates with the technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, blockchain, and with ideas from social platforms to develop virtual spaces for user interaction imitating the actual world. It relates to numerous platforms that are similar to the internet connecting various websites obtainable through a single browser. It permits users to meet, work, game, and connect in the 3D spaces. Besides the virtual world, it is also related to blockchain technology, NFTs, and cryptocurrency by developing a digital economy with various types of utility tokens and NFTs. Here blockchain can furnish transparency and a reliable management network.

Metaverse is a part of the virtual gaming world. Nowadays, video games provide the closest metaverse experience to the users with the help of 3D virtual reality and headsets. Along with the games, it also manages a crypto portfolio and the finances of the users. It also integrates economies, decentralized authority, digital identity, and other platforms. Metaverse includes some of the characteristics of the blockchain by providing the ownership of valuable properties.

Metaverse in video games:

Metaverse already exists in the world of video games. Online games furnish the most influential functions related to the metaverse. It helps to connect with multiple VR games, interact with the same players in multiple areas without taking off the VR headsets. It builds social relations as players can invite other people or friends from the real world and interact with them. Players can even engage in productive activities and they could even earn profit by playing. They are also able to sell the product they have won in the game to other players for crypto. Users can have an even better experience with mixed reality.

Metaverse in crypto and blockchain:

Crypto covers all the aspects of the metaverse that hasn’t been covered by 3D gaming. Metaverse in crypto encompasses the parts like digital evidence of ownership, value transfer, authorities, and accessibility of the digital assets. Many game developers go for the blockchain and crypto as the solution to make the gaming world even better. Blockchain provides the secure means to socialize and purchase virtual assets in the metaverse. Now users can feel secure while transmitting the items and assets around the metaverse. Digital proof of ownership, digital collectability, transfer of value, authority, accessibility, and interoperability are some of the aspects of blockchain suited to the metaverse.


Metaverse has already begun to expand its capabilities to various sectors of the digital economy, 3D gaming, and managing digital assets. Though it is not fully in existence, some platforms contain metaverse-like elements, and 3D video games like Roblox and Fortnite are an example of it. Blockchain and cryptocurrency have become part of the metaverse in transferring of digital assets in the game owned by the players securely.

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